Watershed and Partner-led Project Reports

Basin-wide Pollution Inventory for the Illinois River Comprehensive Basin Management Program (1996)
Comprehensive Basin Management Plan for the Illinois River in Oklahoma (1999)
Critical Area Channel Restoration in the Illinois River Watershed (2018)
Development of Canoer Only Access Area Illinois River
Echota Bend Bank Stabilization Project Implementation Report (1997)
Evaluation of Performance and Management Strategies for a Nursery Irrigation Recycling System Designed for Pollution Control (2001)
Final Design Report Battle Branch Stream Rehabilitation Project (2003)
Illinois River and Baron Fork Watershed Implementation Project (2005)
Illinois River Basin Treatment Prioritization Final Report (1995)
Illinois River Education Program (continuation) Final Report (2002)
Illinois River Jones Porta-Potties and Trash Bags (2002)
Illinois River Watershed Based Plan (2011)
Illinois River Watershed Implementation Program – Best Management Practices Implemented on Peacheater Creek (2005)
Illinois River Watershed Implementation Project (2017)
Illinois River Watershed Monitoring Program National Monitoring Project Post Implementation Monitoring Report on Peacheater Creek (2006)
Institutionalization of Conservation District Nonpoint Source Pollution Programs of the Illinois River with Programs of the OSRC (2000)
Peacheater Creek National Monitoring Program Project Calibration Report (1999)
Protecting Water Quality in the Illinois River Basin through Establishment of 30 Year Riparian Easements (2007)
Report on Water Quality of the Illinois River (1997)
Small Farms Livestock Pollution Prevention (2001)
Stream Channel Restoration in the Illinois River and Eucha Spavinaw Watersheds to Protect Water Supply Reservoirs (2012)

A New Approach to Streambank Stabilization (2005)
Calibration of the OKRAM in Floodplain Wetlands in OK (2020)
Classification of Wetland Habitats in Oklahoma’s Eastern Ecoregions (2015)
Development of Floristic Quality Index Approaches for Wetland Plant Communities in Oklahoma (2012)
Development of Wetland Learning Centers in Oklahoma (2004)
Establishment of an Assessment Technique Examining the Quality and Quantity of Wetland Resources in Oklahoma (2004)
HGM Approach for Assessing Wetland Functions in Central OK (2011)
HGM Classification Final Report 2011
Identifying ODOT Mitigation Needs and Linking with Opportunity at the Watershed Scale (2018)
Implementation of Wetland Health Assessment Monitoring Programs (2006)
Lincoln County Wetland Rehabilitation and Outdoor Learning Center (2008)
Meeting the Goals of the Clean Water Action Plan through Wetland Restoration (2006)
Method Development to Incorporate Wetland Resources in Watershed Planning Efforts in Oklahoma (2016)
National Wetland Inventory Map Digitization (2008)
Oklahoma’s Wetland Program Plan 2013-2018 (2013)
Organic Waste as a Treatment for Acid Mine Drainage (2001)
Oxbow System Assessment and Protocol Development – Phase 1 (2010)
Partnerships for Wetland Protection, Restoration and Planning in an Urban Setting (2011)
Stillwater Creek Wetland Demonstration Project (2003)
The Oklahoma Wetlands Reference Guide (2001)
Using Wetland Mapping to Guide Restoration Decisions and Determine Wetland Trends (2018)
Watershed Based Assessment and Planning for Wetlands in the Subwatershed of the Deep Fork River (2003)
Wetland Prioritization, Enhancement, and Protection through Interagency Cooperation (2003)
Wetland Treatment Study-Lake Thunderbird Watershed (2014)
Wetland Watershed Management Plan for the Kingfisher Creek Watershed (2005)
Wetlands Monitoring Program Development (2010)