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Effective January 2011

To all OCC staff who have a part in creating or completing publications for the agency, including those documents created for only the Governor, Speaker of the House and President Pro Tempore:

Senate Bill 1697 (2010) changed the statutes regarding publications by state agencies. It changed the way they are deposited with the Dept. of Libraries and also changed the required wording going into publications. The goal is to encourage agencies to use electronic publications instead of hard copy whenever possible to save money. (Hard copy is still acceptable when that is the best way to reach the desired audience, for example, OCC’s newsletter whose core audience is district directors.)

The statement and method of deposit are different for the three categories of publication:

  1. “Born Electronic” published online only (other than what might be called convenience copies for in-office use, but available to the public online only).
  2. Hard copy only publications.
  3. Available both in hard copy and online.

When you start to work on a new publication – newsletter, pamphlet, annual report, final report, etc. – please contact OCC’s Information Officer to discuss the publication and craft a statement appropriate to each document.

As always, copies of all documents and publications (electronic or hard copy) must come to OCC’s Information Officer to be recorded in a log for an annual report before depositing with the Dept. of Libraries. Check with the Information Officer also on quantities for hard copies.