Oklahoma’s 2,107 Small Watershed Upstream Flood Control Dams

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Barnitz Creek Watershed Project – Cluster and Dewey Counties

Big Wewoka Creek Dam 22 – Sportsman Lake

Boiling Springs Watershed Dam 1 – Latimer County

Brushy Peaceable Creek Watershed – Pittsburg County

Caddo Creek Watershed Dam 13 – Lake Jean Neustadt – Arbuckle CD

Caddo Creek Watershed Dam 18 – Carter County

Caney Coon Creek Dam 2M – Coalgate Lake Coal County

Cherokee Sandy Creek Dam 17M – R. C.  Longmire Lake – Garvin County

Cobb Creek Watershed Dam 1 – Crowder Lake – Washita County

Deep Red Run Creek Watershed Dam 1 – Frederick Lake – Tillman County

Finn Creek Watershed Dam 34 – Wiley Post Memorial Lake – Maysville, McClain Co.

Four Mile Creek Watershed Dam 1 – El Reno, Canadian County

Fourche Maline Creek Watershed Dam 7 – Lake Lloyd Church – Wilburton, Latimer County

Kickapoo Nations Watershed Dam 1 – Bell Cow Lake- Chandler, Lincoln County

Lower Black Bear Creek Watershed Dam 19M – Lake Lone Chimney – Pawnee County

North Deer Creek Watershed Dam 1M – Wes Wakins Reservoir – Pottawatomie County

Oak Creek Watershed Dam 5 – Lake Vanderwork – Washita County

Okfuskee Tribs Watershed Dam S-1 -Dripping Springs Lake – Okmulgee County

Quapaw Creek Dam 1 – Sparks Reservoir – Lincoln County

Quapaw Creek Watershed Dam 15 – Meeker Lake – Lincoln County

Robinson Creek Dam. 4M – Prague Lake – Lincoln County

Rock Creek Watershed Dam 2 – Carl Albert Lake – Talihina CD

Rush Creek Watershed Dam 1 – Taylor Lake – Grady County

Sallisaw Creek Watershed Dam 18M – Adair County

Sallisaw Creek Watershed 20 – Adair County

Salt Camp Creek Watershed Dam 12 – Stroud Lake – Creek County

Stillwater Creek Watershed Dam 40M – Lake McMurtry – Noble County

Upper Bayou Creek Watershed Dam 10 – Healdton Lake – Arbuckle CD

Upper Black Bear Creek Watershed Dam 62 – Perry Lake – Noble County

Upper Elk Creek Watershed Dam 22 – Elk City Lake – Beckham County

Wildhorse Creek Watershed Dam 22 – Lake Humphreys – Stephens County

Wildhorse Creek Watershed Dam 39 – Lake Fuqua – Stephens County

Wildhorse Creek Watershed Dam 107 – Elmore City Lake – Garvin CD

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Living with Dams: Know Your Risks – Association of State Dam Safety Officials in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency