Carbon Program Applications

To participate in the carbon program, aggregators and verifiers of agricultural or forestry carbon offsets must apply to and be approved by the Oklahoma Conservation Commission. Once approved, aggregators may apply directly to the Conservation Commission for verification services. Offset providers seeking to have their Oklahoma agriculture or forestry carbon offsets verified by the carbon program must apply through a state approved aggregator. Oklahoma oil and gas operators may apply directly to the Conservation Commission for verification. At this time, the Carbon Program does not accept applications for verification from individual offset providers. Please contact a state approved aggregator for assistance, or contact the Carbon Program with questions.

All forms below are PDF and formatted for electronic submission with a digital signature. If you do not have a digital signature, follow the instructions when you click in the signature field at the bottom of the form. Each applicant must also submit a Fee Payment Form. 

AggregatorsApply to become state approved
Apply for verification (Ag & Forestry)
VerifiersApply to become state approved
 Oil & Gas OperatorsApply for verification
Register OffsetsApply to register offsets
Pay a FeeGet fee payment form