District Directors 10-Minute Guides

*Effective July 2023, the 10-Minute Guide Series is undergoing revision to align with the updated Conservation District Handbook. Please note, Guides 1 through 4, and 11 thorugh 13 have been updated, but the other links below may not be accurate to new policy.

In time for January 2007, the Conservation Commission’s District Services Division launched a new effort to provide training to help conservation district directors better understand and carry out their responsibilities. The “District Directors’ Responsibilities: A 10-Minute Guide Series” is a continuing series of informational/discussion topics designed to help conservation district directors become more informed and knowledgeable about their responsibilities.

The guides are being distributed at the rate of one per month, in time for directors to review and then discuss at the next board meeting. A hard copy of the first guide was mailed to board chairmen to introduce the series and an electronic version was posted on the OCC’s website. In late January, in time for February board meetings, the second guide was emailed to all conservation district offices for local distribution and posted electronically, and that method will be used to distribute the rest of the series.

The topic of the first 10-Minute Guide covers Oklahoma’s Open Meeting/Open Records Act as it pertains to conservation districts. The second guide explains state laws that apply to how a district board holds an Executive Session. Topics for future installments include Conducting Effective Board Meetings, Recruiting New Board Members and Supervising and Managing Employees, among others.

“We are already getting feedback that these guides are a great help to both directors and district staff,” said Lisa Knauf, District Services director.

Check this page periodically, as more 10-Minute Guides will be added to the series.

Guide No. 1 – Oklahoma’s Open Meeting Act

Guide No. 2 – Executive Sessions

Guide No. 3 – Hiring, Supervising, and Managing Employees

Guide No. 4 – District Cooperator Agreements

Guide No. 5 – Sexual Harassment

Guide No. 6 – District Policies

Guide No. 7 – Audits

Guide No. 8 – Legal Responsibilities

Guide No. 9 – Equal Opportunity

Guide No. 10 – Financial Management

Guide No. 11 – Employee Benefits

Guide No. 12 – Director Elections

Guide No. 13 – Watershed Sponsor Responsibilities

Guide No. 14 – Recruiting Board Members

Guide No. 15 – Understanding Types of Leave for Conservation District Employees

Guide No. 16 – Oklahoma Open Records Act

Guide No. 17 – Understanding the Terms of At-Will Employment

Guide No. 18 – Parliamentary Procedure

Guide No. 19 – Code of Ethics

Guide No. 20 – Economics of Conservation

Guide No. 21 – Duties of a Conservation District Public Official

Guide No. 22 – Locally-Earned Funds

Guide No. 23 – Responsibilities of Conservation District Officers

Guide No. 24 – Progressive Discipline

Guide No. 25 – Tort Claims To view an Acrobat pdf file of a PowerPoint presentation on Tort Claims, click here — Oklahoma Tort Claims Act Overview 2009.

Guide No. 26 – Associate Board Members

Guide No. 27 – Procurement

Guide No. 28 – Minutes of Board Meetings

Guide No. 29 – Working with Legislators

Guide No. 30 – Understanding District Employee Payroll

Guide No. 31 – Comp Time