Water Quality Reports

The Water Quality Division receives operational funding from Clean Water Act grants through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. As such, the division is accountable for documenting project budgets, plans, staffing, quality assurance protocols, and for submitting semiannual and final project reports. Below are links to reports written to fulfill EPA requirements under the Oklahoma Nonpoint Source Management Program.

For reports not found here, contact Maryanne.DantzlerKyer@conservation.ok.gov.

Annual ReportsReports on projects, programs, and funding of the nonpoint source program.
AssessmentReports on the Rotating Basin Monitoring Program.
SOPs & QAPPsStandard operating procedures and methods of the Nonpoint Source Program.
EducationReports on the Blue Thumb pollution education program and water quality project education.

Reports for our watershed implementation projects and partner-led projects funded by EPA.
PlanningNonpoint Source Management Program, Watershed Based, and Water Quality Standards Implementation Plans.