The Conservation Commission encourages aggregators of Oklahoma carbon offsets to apply to become state approved participants in the Carbon Sequestration Certification Program. See information on fees

What is an aggregator? 

An aggregator is a person or company that contracts with multiple landowners to sell their carbon offsets. Most landowners will need an aggregator to sell their offsets because offsets are typically sold in bundles of thousands of tons. To put this in perspective, 100 acres of no-till sequestering CO2 at a rate of 0.2 metric tons/acre/year will sequester 20 metric tons of CO2 in a year. By contracting with multiple landowners and selling the pooled offsets in a bundle of thousands of tons, aggregators can meet required tonnage minimums and help more landowners access carbon market opportunities. 

Why become a state approved aggregator?

  • Your name and logo will be published on this website, program publications, and anywhere the Carbon Program is promoted.
  • You will have access to quality verifiers experienced with Oklahoma agriculture and forestry. Working with our partner, Oklahoma NRCS, over 50 Conservation District employees have been trained to verify carbon sequestration from conservation tillage and grasslands. Oklahoma Forestry Services works with us to provide verification of forestry carbon offsets in forests with management plans that meet Forest Stewardship Council sustainability guidelines.

Why use a state approved aggregator? 

The state provides initial screening of aggregator applicants. Carbon trading is fairly new. With it comes a new vocabulary and new concepts, but very little oversight. In Oklahoma, state-approved aggregators have been screened by the Conservation Commission prior to being listed on this website. The Commission compiles the information and makes it publicly available for use by anyone selling or buying carbon offsets so they can make an informed decision.  There are no approved aggregators for the Oklahoma Carbon Program at this time. 

Important questions to ask any aggregator:

  • How does the aggregator determine what to pay you?
  • How much are the fees?
  • How are the fees paid?
  • Will your offset be verified by the Oklahoma Program?
  • How much will verification cost you?
  • How long is the contract?
  • Will your offset be reported to the state or national registry?
  • How long will the aggregator hold your offset before selling?
  • Does the aggregator have insurance?
  • Where will the aggregator sell your offsets?
  • When will you get paid?
  • How often will you get paid?
  • Who pays if all or some of your offset is reversed?
  • What happens if your offset is reversed by an act of nature?
  • Is the aggregator approved by the state of Oklahoma?