Water Education Today

Water Education Today is an interdisciplinary water education program intended to supplement a school’s existing curriculum. Using water as a theme, Water Education Today provides hands-on activities to enhance the teaching of science, math, social studies, language arts, and many other required subjects. Project WET is primarily designed for classroom teachers of grades K-12, but natural resource professionals, youth leaders, nature center instructors, and other educators who work with students in these age groups will also find Water Education Today particularly useful. You can get the Project WET curriculum guide by participating in a Blue Thumb Training for New Volunteers or scheduling an educator workshop with our Project WET Coordinator. You may contact Candice Miller, the Project WET Coordinator, at 405-464-2838 or candice.miller@conservation.ok.gov. You can learn more about the national Project WET program here.

Environmental Education Coordination

The Oklahoma Environmental Quality Act of 1992 assigned the Commission with the responsibility to coordinate environmental education throughout the state. Under this mandate, the Oklahoma Environmental Education Coordinating Committee (OKEECC) was formed. The committee is comprised of educators from a variety of public sector agencies and institutions. The committee strives to cooperate, coordinate, and network to help member agencies deliver educational programs to the public. One purpose of the committee is to eliminate duplication of efforts and create a strong model for cooperation among government agencies. The Conservation Commission chairs the committee. Please contact Candice Miller at 405-464-2838 or candice.miller@conservation.ok.gov for more information.