Carbon Verifier Training Program

The Oklahoma Carbon Program has developed a 4‐level training program for Oklahoma conservation districts who want the opportunity to provide verification services for the Carbon Program. The training is similar to the NRCS process for conservation plan writers and requires classroom and field instruction, as well as successful demonstration of field skills prior to certification, and continuing education thereafter. As of 2013, in partnership with Oklahoma NRCS and Oklahoma State University, the Carbon Program has provided over 40 hours of classroom and field training to verifier trainees. 

4-Level Verifier Training ProgramCurriculum
Level 1 – Trainee
– Has obtained awareness and education by attending annual classroom training and field training as requested.

Level 2 – Apprentice
– Level 1 Trainee certification
– Has accompanied a Senior Verifier during verification of at least 2 grasslands *and/or 2 no‐till fields and asked questions as much as necessary to understand the process.

Level 3 – Independent Verifier
– Level 2 Apprentice certification
– Has been observed by a Senior Verifier to accurately verify at least 3 grasslands *and/or 3 no‐till fields. Senior Verifier only offers guidance as necessary to facilitate accuracy of process and information gathered.
– Certification by the Director of the Oklahoma Carbon Program
Intro to Carbon Markets & Carbon Sequestration 
Carbon Offsets 101
Seeded Grasslands Management
Seeded Grasslands Data Collection
No-Till Management
No-Till Data Collection
Rangeland Management & Monitoring
Nutrient Management 101
Nutrient Management & Water Quality
Level 4 – Senior Verifier / Trainer
– Level 3 Independent Verifier certification
– Has successfully instructed at least 1 classroom *and/or 1 field session on grasslands *and/or no‐till verification.
– Certification by Director of the Oklahoma Carbon Program

*Separate certifications are required to verify grasslands and
no‐till: Verifiers may choose to pursue certification in one or both practices. Senior Verifiers/Trainers will be certified to teach classroom sessions and/or field sessions based on interest and aptitude.

NOTE: To maintain certification at any level, verifiers must keep up knowledge and skills by participating in continuing education sessions.
Nutrient Management for N2O Reductions
Soil Sampling with a Push Probe
Soil Health 101
Soil Health 201
Assessing Soil Health