Soil Health Implementation Program

About the Soil Health Implementation Program


The Soil Health Implementation Program (SHIP) is a new initiative designed to advance soil health and regenerative agricultural practices across the State of Oklahoma. At its core, SHIP aims to empower crop, livestock, and urban agricultural producers who are committed to elevating their soil health management strategies. If you’re a producer eager to enhance your soil conservation practices and share your journey with others, SHIP is tailored for you.

Eligibility for SHIP is open to producers across the state regardless of operation size. Experience or a keen interest in soil health and regenerative agriculture is required. The program is a three-year commitment, during which time participants will create and implement a customized SHIP Conservation Plan. Notably, up to two district directors can also apply, depending on district approval. This opportunity extends to individuals ready to engage in a multi-year framework and contribute to a broader community learning experience.

Eligible program participants may receive up to a total of $40,000 in reimbursements for implementing practices aligned with their approved SHIP conservation plans.

Following the application period, the OCC Soil Health Team will evaluate and select applicants, aiming to represent all conservation district areas across the state. Once accepted, producers will work closely with the Soil Health Team to develop and execute their SHIP Conservation Plans, with continuous support and guidance throughout the program term.

For any inquiries or further information about SHIP, potential applicants are encouraged to contact Greg Kloxin ( or Meg Greski ( Embrace this opportunity expand soil health innovation in Oklahoma and join a community of like-minded producers committed to sustainable agricultural excellence.


SHIP State Guidelines

SHIP Application for Producers

SHIP Information Guide for Conservation Districts

SHIP Flyer

SHIP Press Release Template for Districts

Landowner Consent Form


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