Service Award: Marti Mefford, 10 Years

At the April 2010 Commission Meeting, Marti Mefford, OCC/WQ Honey Creek Project coordinator, was recognized for 10 years of service to OCC and the State of Oklahoma. Shanon Phillips, OCC Water Quality division director, said that previous to taking on the Honey Creek Project, Mefford had worked on the Beaty Creek project, one of the WQ division’s most successful programs, performing the invaluable task of transitioning that project from paper record keeping to electronic record keeping. Phillips said Mefford had developed electronic spreadsheets for projects integrate with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service “tool kit” software program. Phillips said she is hopeful that in a few years the Honey Creek Project will prove to be as successful as the Beaty Creek Project. Phillips said she is especially gratified by the feedback she receives from landowners who appreciate Mefford’s efficiency and professionalism.

From left are OCC Executive Director Mike Thralls and Commission Chairman Matt Gard with OCC/WQ Honey Creek Project coordinator Marti Mefford.