Rogers County Conservation District Helps Make “Bellringer” DVDs

Robert Gibbs, Rogers County Conservation District education coordinator, has been helping Tom Creider of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department’s State Parks Division, to make “Bellringer” DVDs. The production of Bellringers DVDs is a joint project between Tourism and the state Department of Education to address Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) standards for middle school science. The videos are used as middle school science teachers as tools to assist in introducing students to lessons about the environment.

Rogers County CD manages the 120-acre Conservation Education Reserve at Rogers State University in Claremore. The reserve was selected by the Parks Division for filming  Bellringer DVDs. The reserve hosted more than 6,700 students for various events in fiscal year 2010, according to Gibbs. 

Previously-produced Bellringers include the topics of Oklahoma’s Ecosystems, Animal Adaptation, Animal Behavior, Oklahoma Landforms and Oklahoma Rocks.