Oklahoma Drought Commission Reinstates Pond Clean Out Applicants; Seeks to Streamline Processes with New Members

Oklahoma City, OK – The Oklahoma Emergency Drought Commission voted on Wednesday to reinstate Pond Clean Out Cost-Share participants whose applications were canceled due to not having their projects completed by the July 15th deadline. The Commission also tasked the Oklahoma Conservation Commission with gathering how many applicants will be reinstated, as well as questions and concerns from the local conservation districts. This information will be used in order to provide more specific guidance to districts to mitigate obstacles for applicants, and to also to set a more reasonable deadline for the program. 

The information will be presented at the next meeting of the drought commission, the date of which is still pending. 

The Commission’s ranks have grown with the addition of two new members: Pete Nichols from Washita County and Josh Emerson from McIntosh County. With their inclusion, the Commission now boasts a total of five members. Their appointments come at a time when the Commission is actively considering ways to streamline its processes. Feedback from the state’s producers, many of whom were present at the meeting, highlighted the need for a more simplified application process for drought funds.