OCC Commends Dr. Mike Talkington

The Oklahoma Conservation Commission commended Dr. Mike Talkington upon his retirement as director of the Agriculture Laboratory (Ag Lab) of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. Mike Thralls, OCC executive director, and Ben Pollard, assistant director, presented the Conservation Commendation to Talkington at a reception held in his honor on July 31, 2012. The text of the commendation read “For your dedicated service and professionalism as Director of the Ag Lab and for your support of the Oklahoma Conservation Commission’s Water Quality Program.” 

Mike Thralls, OCC executive director (right), and Ben Pollard, assistant director (left), presented a Conservation Commendation to Dr. Mike Talkington at a reception held in his honor on July 31.

The Ag Lab is responsible for testing and providing the results on all water samples collected by OCC’s Water Quality division in its extensive water quality monitoring program.

“Dr. Talkington has worked closely with the Commission’s Water Quality staff,” Thralls said, “and his lab has provided quality service to the Commission for a number of years,” Thralls said.