Grove Students Tour Demonstration Farm

Stacey Day uses a visual aid to teach Grove students about watersheds.

Students from Pam Chaney’s and Brett Bouher’s Environmental Science class at Grove High School attended a tour on September 29th at the Honey Creek Demonstration Farm. The Farm is owned and operated by Jerry and Barbara Davis. The Water Quality Division of the Oklahoma Conservation Commission is promoting the Demonstration Farm as a way to showcase practices to improve water quality. These practices, often referred to as Best Management Practices, or BMPs, can be utilized on area farms and even in some urban areas.

Students observe fish and insects that live in the Cave Springs branch of Honey Creek.

Students were provided information from Davis on Beefmaster cattle; received information on watersheds and pollution; and enjoyed an opportunity to learn what fish and insects could be found in Cave Springs. An open house was held later in the day for area residents.