Haskell County Fishing Clinic

Relevant Details: We are having our annual Fishing Clinic in September for the 6th and 7th grades. We normally do the 5th grade in May but with recent events we have unable to do it the last two years. Therefore, we are doing one on September 23, 2021 for the 6th grade and another September 30 for the 7th grade. This is our way of providing a hands-on experience with the children in our county to teach them about: water safety, casting, fish/tackle identification, and many other things.

Contact: If you would like more information on this event and how you could help, please email Tiffany Corp at or call (918) 967-8608 ext. 3

The event is finished.


Sep 30 2021


All Day


Stigler Golf Course Pond
Stigler, Oklahoma