14th Annual Eastern Oklahoma Ag Trade Show

Relevant Details:

8:30 AM                     Trade show – Vendors Set up booths, Doors open to public

9:00 AM                     Horticulture Topic – David Redhage; Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture

9:30 AM                     Poultry Credit hour 1, Discovery Farms: Phosphorous Management- Lessons learned from the field. Andrew Sharpley – University of Arkansas

10:30 AM                   Break & visit booths

10:50 AM                   Poultry Credit hour, Mortality Management in relation to Animal Welfare, Janeen Johnson – Oklahoma State University

12:00 PM                    Lunch (Poultry CEU Certificates Issued) – Sponsored by OK Foods, Inc., Oklahoma Beef Council, Eastern Oklahoma Ag Credit

1:00 PM                      BQA Certification, Bob Levalley, OSU Area Specialist, Jeff Robe

3:30 PM                      Final Door Prizes & Wrap up


BQA Certification Agenda (2 hours 10 minute Plan)

Introduction (20 Minutes) – Bob Levalley- BQA Coordinator

  • Introduction slides
  • Carcass composition & quality slides

Group Breakout Sessions (30 Minutes each) switchback style

Handling/Facilities – Alford Metal (Qcatch Cattle Tub) Brian Freking, DVM, Company Representative

  • Inspection for any maintenance problems
  • Chute- adjusted properly and maintained
  • Walk through and look for distractions to cattle movement (cattle flow)
  • Orientation working crew- make sure everyone knows their job, equipment, how to administer products, expectations for cattle handling, etc.
  • Flight zone
  • Trailers (Have trailer or Semi available)
  • Maintenance, cleaning, sorting for hauling
  • Handling tools- flags, whips, sorting sticks, rattle paddles, prods

VCPR – Barry Whitworth, DVM and Rosslyn Biggs, DVM

  • Syringe discussion
  • Types single vs multi-dose
  • Cleaning/sterilization
  • Needle selection, disposal, changing
  • Chute side vaccine coolers
  • Transportation discussion
  • Fitness for transportation
  • On-farm euthanasia

OQBN & Nutrition (30 Minutes) – Jeff Robe & County Educator

  • OQBN sales update
  • Enrollment, tags, verification procedures, etc.
  • Vaccine Protocol
  • Nutritional programs for OQBN calves

Certification Quiz (20 Minutes)


The event is finished.


Sep 16 2021


8:30 am - 3:30 pm


LeFlore County Fairgrounds