Employee of the Year: Stacy Hansen

Stacy Hansen, Carbon Program director for OCC’s Water Quality division, was recognized at the June 2009 Commission meeting for being named as Employee of the Year at the May OCC Full Staff Meeting. She was in consideration for the award as a result of being named Employee of the Quarter at the OCC Full Staff Meeting in May 2008. Following that, she was recognized at the June 2008 Commission meeting.

Stacy’s nomination form stated “Stacy expressed an interest in helping the agency move forward on a carbon program and worked with other WQ program staffers to research the carbon market and existing programs in order to develop a framework for an Oklahoma program. She worked on this research in addition to maintaining her regular responsibilities as a technical writer, recently completing several significant reports at the same time. Her dedication meant that not only were our EPA commitments met with two excellent reports, but she worked overtime and weekends to complete the work and research carbon sequestration at the same time. The quality of her work is excellent and the high standards she helps the technical writing staff set have significantly improved the quality of the outputs generated.”