Commendation: Caney Valley Conservation District

Gov. Brad Henry and the Oklahoma Conservation Commission each commended the Caney Valley Conservation District at the October Commission meeting for having the first entire watershed project in the nation to complete rehabilitation.

Front row, from left, are Ron Hilliard, NRCS state conservationist; Jeanette Nance, agency liaison for Gov. Henry’ Jick Grant, Caney Valley Conservation District manager; Kirk Darnell, Waymon Montgomery and Frank Cranor, district directors; Alyson Day, district secretary; and Clay Pope, OACD executive director. Back row, from left, are George Stunkard, Mike Rooker, Matt Gard and Virginia Kidd, Conservation Commissioners, and Mike Thralls, OCC executive director.

Jeanette Nance, Gov. Henry’s agency liaison, presented a Governor’s Commendation to the district board and staff on behalf of the Governor.

The Governor’s Commendation was presented to the Caney Valley Conservation District “in recognition of the tireless work and dedication put forth by its Board of Directors and staff in the rehabilitation of all six dams in the Double Creek Watershed. As a result of your steadfast commitment to flood protection, the Double Creek Watershed Project is the first watershed in the United States to have all dams rehabilitated.”

The Oklahoma Conservation Commission Commendation was presented to the Caney Valley Conservation District “In appreciation of your leadership in the State of Oklahoma in the Conservation of Natural Resources.” The presentations took place on Oct. 5, 2009, in the board room at the state Agriculture Building.

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