Celebrating Excellence: Meg Greski Named Employee of the Quarter

The Oklahoma Conservation Commission (OCC) is thrilled to announce that Meg Greski, our dedicated Soil Health Program Coordinator, has been honored as the Employee of the Quarter. This recognition is a testament to Meg’s tireless efforts and outstanding contributions to the Soil Health Team and the wider community.

A year ago, the OCC Soil Health Team was tasked with planning a regional conference on soil health, a challenge with no established blueprint. Meg rose to the occasion with remarkable creativity and leadership. She meticulously developed the conference agenda, coordinated with a diverse group of speakers, and managed logistics with the host district. Her innovative approach included crafting and disseminating promotional materials, ensuring the conference’s success over its two-day duration. Meg’s vision culminated in the creation of the “Crossroads Conference.”

On any given day, Meg serves Oklahoma producers with unparalleled passion and knowledge, focusing on building land and operational resilience through soil health conservation. Her fervor for agricultural success and landscape regeneration is evident not only in her professional role but also in her personal life, where she manages a 400+ acre cattle ranch outside Cheyenne, OK. Meg’s hands-on experience in farming reinforces her authentic advocacy for regenerative agriculture.

Meg’s exceptional creativity is matched by her relentless drive to enhance program capacity and spark interest and participation among producers. Her innovative mindset and practical solutions have significantly boosted the Soil Health Team’s activities. The team’s database now reflects a record number of activities and acres impacted through program delivery in 2023, a testament to Meg’s diligent work.

Meg embodies three outstanding characteristics that set her apart: creativity, innovation, and diligence. She consistently devises inventive solutions to improve program delivery and engage the community. She is always on the lookout for new and effective ways to support soil health and regenerative agriculture, and her unwavering commitment to her work ensures the success of the Soil Health Team’s initiatives.

Meg’s impact extends beyond the Soil Health Team. Her passionate and authentic advocacy for soil health and regenerative agriculture has inspired many within the community. She provides invaluable consulting services to Oklahoma producers, helping them implement effective soil health practices, and her enthusiasm and innovative spirit have significantly boosted the OCC Soil Health Team’s efforts and achievements.

The OCC is proud to have Meg Greski as a part of our team. Her hard work, creativity, and passion for soil health make her a deserving recipient of the Employee of the Quarter award. We look forward to her continued contributions and the positive impact she will undoubtedly have on Oklahoma’s agricultural landscape.