Achievements and Highlights


Achievements as of January 2022

Number of Completed Projects190
Total Acres Reclaimed5,588
Linear Feet of Highwall Reclaimed323,596
Hazardous Water Bodies Reclaimed261
Subsidence Sites Reclaimed223
Structures Removed22
Mine Openings Closed397
Miles of Clean Streams Reclaimed16

Project Highlights

Lindsay AML Project

The Lindsay project is located near Claremore, Oklahoma, close to the Oologah Reservoir in Rogers County. A 50-foot final-cut highwall and pit paralleled the road to the reservoir. With considerable residential development in the area, there was a strong potential for an accident. The pit was backfilled using the on-site spoil piles, eliminating 2,700 linear feet of highwall. A total of 37 acres was reclaimed at a cost of $227,114. The project was completed August 12, 1992.

Bill’s Tipple Civil Penalty Project

The project is adjacent to Highway 10 near Welch, Oklahoma, in Craig County. The site was an abandoned coal-processing facility with many dilapidated structures and equipment creating safety hazards. The presence of approximately 15,000 cubic yards of acid-forming surface coal refuse posed a major threat to the underlying groundwater aquifer as well as a public health hazard. The site was eligible for funding under the federally administered civil penalty program. Structures and equipment were either salvaged or buried. The coal refuse was buried with a minimum 2-foot clay cover. A total of 55 acres was reclaimed at a cost of $201,285.70. It was completed August 26, 1993.